Toxan Granulat

Classic form

Proven granules for controlling mice and rats, inside and around buildings and controlling rats in open areas (parks, tennis courts, campsites, etc.) and in landfills by a professional user trained in this field. To be used in tamper-resistant deratization stations or at bait delivery points (professional user trained in this field). The form of the bait stimulates natural biting instincts of pests. The high quality of Toxan® Granulat ensures that deratization action is effective.

Available packaging

Unit and group

  • Doypack


    1 kg
    Cardboard box - 10pcs

  • Pail


    3 kg
    1 pc.

  • Bag


    10 kg
    1 pc.

Recommendations for controlling:

Using of this product should fight rodents within 35 days.

Product registered in Poland

Active substance

0.0025% bromadiolone (2nd generation single dose anticoagulant) l Contains a bitter substance that reduces the risk of ingestion by non-target organisms.

Utility form

Ready-to-lay bait in the form of granules.


Biocidal products are to be used with precautions. Read the label and information about the product before each use.