Atrax Granulat

Attractive form

A ready-to-use bait for controlling mice and rats, indoors and around buildings for controlling rats in open areas (parks, tennis courts, campsites, etc.) and in landfills by a professional user trained in this field. For use in tamper-resistant deratization stations (professional user trained in this field) or at bait delivery points (professional user trained in this field). Product in the form of granules, lethal for mice and rats. Irreplaceable during the period of increased resistance of rodents to poducts based on first generation anticoagulants. The effect appears after one consumption by a rodent.

Available packaging

Unit and group

  • Doypack


    1 kg
    Cardboard box - 10pcs

  • Pail


    3 kg
    1 pc.

  • Bag


    10 kg
    1 pc.

Recommendations for controlling:

Using of this product should fight rodents within 35 days.

Product registered in Poland

Active substance

0.0025% difenacoum (2nd generation single-dose anticoagulant) l Contains a bitter substance that reduces the risk of ingestion by non-target organisms.

Utility form

A ready-to-lay bait in the form of granules.


Biocidal products are to be used with precautions. Read the label and information about the product before each use.