Sektonyl Hydro

For controlling flies

Insecticide product in the form of powder for preparation of an aqueous suspension to be used by spraying. Effectively controls flies indoors and around buildings.Thanks to the innovative method of packing in water-soluble PVOH foil in a very special way protects the person performing the treatment from contact with the product, and also completely eliminates the oppressive effect of dusting during the preparation of the working liquid.

Available packaging

Unit and group

  • Sachet


    20 g
    Cardboard box - 3 x 14pcs

  • Sachet


    50 g
    Cardboard box - 3 x 10pcs

Recommendations for controlling:

For use on smooth surfaces: Add 20 g of the product to 20 liters of water - 500 m² spray area. For use on porous surfaces: Add 100 g to 20 liters of water - 400 m² spray area.

Product registered in Poland

Active substance

• permethrin 100 g / kg (active ingredient from the pyrethroids group) • piperonyl butoxide 100 g / kg

Utility form

Powder for preparation of water suspension used by spraying.


Biocidal products are to be used with precautions. Read the label and information about the product before each use.