For indoor flying insects

A modern insecticide for combating troublesome flies, mosquitoes and blackflies in apartments, offices, factory, storage, livestock and public utilities, including in hospitals (outside the clinical area) and others. The carefully selected formula, based on a combination of two interacting substances - natural pyrethrins and PBO, guarantees quick and effective control of flying insects. The product shows high efficiency on both smooth and porous surfaces.

Available packaging

Unit and group

  • Bottle


    250 ml
    Cardboard box - 24pcs

Recommendations for controlling:

Spray from a distance of 20-30 cm so as to ensure accurate coverage of the entire sprayed surface. The recommended amount is 50 ml per 1 m2 of surface.

Product registered in Poland

Active substance

Extract from open and mature Dalmatian tansy flowers obtained with supercritical carbon dioxide l PBO - 25 g / l

Utility form

The preparation in the form of a ready-to-use liquid in a convenient bottle with an atomizer ensuring easy and accurate application.


Biocidal products are to be used with precautions. Read the label and information about the product before each use.