Owanol Extra

For controlling house insects

A reliable insecticide for controlling cockroaches, silverfish and pharaoh ants. Intended for use in residential, factory, storage and public spaces.

Available packaging

Unit and group

  • Bottle


    250 ml
    Cardboard box - 24pcs

Recommendations for controlling:

Spray from a distance of 20 - 30 cm to cover the entire sprayed area thoroughly.   Recommended amount: 25 ml per 1 m² of surface

Product registered in Poland

Active substance

Permethrin - 5 g/l l PBO – 45 g/l

Utility form

The preparation in the form of a ready-to-use liquid in a convenient bottle with an atomizer ensuring easy and accurate application.


Biocidal products are to be used with precautions. Read the label and information about the product before each use.