To control fly larvae

A larvicide in the form of microgranules to be used by spraying or pouring after diluting with water. Controls fly larvae in rooms such as barns, stables, piggeries, in manure and litter as well as in trashcans.

Available packaging

Unit and group

  • Pail


    5 kg
    1 pc.

Recommendations for controlling:

250 g of product per 10 m2 of manure. Pouring: dissolve 250 g in 7.5 liters of warm water. Spraying: dissolve 250 g in 2.5 liters of warm water. Repeat the procedure on manure after 15 days. Finally, repeat the treatment for the third time, again after 15 days.

Product registered in Poland

Active substance

2% cyromazine (active substance from the triazine group)

Utility form

Product in the form of microgranules for dilution in water intended for pouring or spraying.


„Biocidal products should be used with caution. Read the label and product information before each use.”.